Sunday, December 3, 2006


I live on the edge of America, just a few short miles from the Canadian Border though hundreds of miles by car from any legitimate border crossing. The view from my windows is of snow-covered forest. It’s twelve miles of twisted road from Axe to the top of this bedrock ridge where my hovel is perched and a fifty miles further to the closest community with a population measured in five digits (just barely) and possessing a “big box” store (Target).

My hovel is heated with wood from the surrounding forest. My income mined from the pockets of those who seek a brief escape from the clamor of modern life.

I live in isolation.

It’s a good time to live in isolation. Despite my frontier life and limited means I am still allowed to glean the fields of progress. My fridge holds fruit from Mexico, Florida and even New Zealand. My mug brims with the extracted essence of premium beans harvested in Central America, Indonesia and Africa. Words and images pour into my house through DSL and a satellite hovering somewhere above East Texas. And I show my world through the eyes of ten megapixel Japanese wonder filtered through a box engineered in Cupertino California.

It is a good time to live in isolation.

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